I Was Here

I WAS HERE is a performance about physical and mental/spiritual communication and touch. Olga Zitluhina, Latvian choreographer and author of the concept, acknowledges that life is running very fast and questions, are we able to feel the real touch or the only communication we know is with the touch screens?

Performed at

  • Sakala 3 theatre, Tallinn, Estonia, 10-27.09.2019
  • Contemporary dance festival Na Grani, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 25.11.2019
  • Museum of the history, Riga, Latvia, 29.08.2020
  • International Dance Festival Aura, Kaunas, Lithuania, 04.10.2020
  • Technical description

    One of the artistic ideas of the performance was to create a feeling of constant movement of the sound. I am trying to achieve this by splitting the music to 4 separate audio channels and applying audio effects differently to each of the channels. Each speaker is placed in a different location resulting different accoustic effects. The choise of the audio effects is simple, i am trying to create a spatial effect rather than altering the sound itself:

    timeshift - short delay of the channel, delay time is variable from 0 to 200ms
    filter - low pass filter with variable cutoff frequency
    reverb - hall reverb with variable decay, diffuse ans dry/wet amounts

    All the parameters are mapped thru MIDI and can be changed live. Ableton Live is used as DAW for this project.