NEUROCINEMA is a research project of Human Computer Interaction group of the Tallinn University. The performance opens up the audiovisual world of the main character Amal, a french-tunesian video artist. Her emotions like sadness, post-violence trauma, feeling of isolation and loneliness in a new environment.

Performed at

  • Resonances III Datami festival, Ispra, Italy, 14-18.10.2019
  • Technical description

    A number of viewers, is connected via sensor technology (20 electrodermal sensors) to the neurocinema engine (NCE). Real-time monitoring of their emotional arousal is modifying the montage of the displayed content.

    My responsibility in this project was developing a video player which is playing the predefined sequence of video fragments. This sequence is modified on the fly according to data received from the script that analyses the audience sensor information. It is written in XCode using OpenFrameworks. The comunication with sensors script is done using OSC.